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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Inaugural Food Part II

Swanky Benjamin Harrison served blue Point oysters on ice, sweetbread pate à la reine, breast of quail à la Ciceron, pâté de foie gras à la Harrison, terrine of game à la Morton and pyramid of nougat Renaissance. I can't even pronounce these names.

At President Bush's first inaugural, Bush served an assortment of seafood, lamb with red Swiss chard sauteed with cranberries, mushroom and corn souffle, and apple tart with cinnamon ice cream.

During this inaugural, guests at three Inaugural Balls at the MCI Center, to which donors of between $100,000 and $250,000 were invited, will dine on lobster medallions with orange and grapefruit sections, filet of beef tenderloin with asparagus, baby carrots, potatoes au gratin and Georgia peach crumble with vanilla ice cream. Just think, it only takes the cost of 1-2 Ivy League educations, 1-2 hummers, or 1/3 of a one bedroom condo in Adams Morgan to eat a meal you could get for a couple hundred bucks.

Some special inaugural treats:
Reagan: jelly beans (they invented the blue one for him!)
Clinton: brocooli
Coolidge: pickles

The sparest inaugural meal: vegetable soup and crackers served to Lyndon Baines Johnson aboard Air Force One.



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