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Friday, January 14, 2005

DC Restaurant Week Review: Palette

Palette's bar area and drinks gets 5 stars. Soft lighting, nice colors, fresh red roses, large martini glasses. Not enough seats though. And the actual taste of the martinis was just so so. I would recommend the Willard, Ozio, Eleventh, Bar Rouge, Helix, Mandarin Hotel, and Topaz for martinis over Palette.

Palette's restaurant week menu was a good bargain, good choices. Saved probably around $20.

Now the food. The steak wasn't very good. It was rather chewy and fatty. The chicken was excellent and juicy. The sweet potato soup was excellent. The crab cakes were very good - tons of crab, not much filler. Deserts were pretty bad. The chocolate cake was dry and stale. It wasn't sweet enough. The apple tart was dry and burnt. It could have been an apple cracker. The wine was great and priced well. The service was very good and attentive. Our table sucked though and was in the corner and practically on top of the people next to us. We could barely hear ourselves until they left. The cotton candy while waiting for the check was the best part. What a cute idea.


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