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Monday, December 13, 2004

Weekend Recap

Friday night:

Went to Holiday Party 2, my summer employer's party. Very swanky, expensive place. Great food. Only one of the higher ups was there, the rest were on business or vacation elsewhere. The one I spoke with told me he was very busy and would love help with his work. Oh oh. I feel like I promised myself to some of the other higher ups.

Went to Holiday Party 3, J's other party (last weekend's was his FT job, this is where he is a consultant occassionally). Expensive restaurant, swanky table and menu. Didn't get to enjoy it though, because I wound up wasted by 10 pm. I know, that's VERY sad. I'd only had about 4 glasses of white wine between the 2 parties (about 4.5 hours). I can normally handle my alcohol, although realistically the days of splitting an entire bottle of raspberry vodka with female roomies before going out to the bars and doing shots and drinking several beers is over. I apparently was a wreck. I apparently couldn't hold my fork and kept annoying J, who sent me in a cab around 10:15pm home. I don't remember embarassing myself at least. And the president of the company drank so much he vomited, so at least I wasn't the drunkest one at the party.

Saturday night:
Finals next week, so low key night. Also was extremely hung over all day. We rented Dodgeball and I made dinner and we had a bottle of wine. J and I had some relaxing time together, which was nice. I never have relaxing times between work and school and trying to have friends and get to the gym, etc.


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