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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


In response to my post about being bored at work, someone posted the Rosen article "Your Blog or Mine" about Washingtonienne...like my blog is even nearly as spicy as Washingtonienne's...not even close!!! And I'm not on the Hill anymore, so my life isn't as gossipy and I'm not as noticeable. The Hill is the most bizarre frat because it has all the qualities of a frat plus gossip, naked ambition, pretentiousness, extreme sucking up, stepping on anyone you can, politics, wonkiness and dorkiness all mixed in. It's much harder to remain unnoticed and anonymous outside of that environment. And at this point, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I used to be in love with the Hill, but seriously the competitiveness and the fratiness just were to much for me. I'd rather be somewhere where my hard work, and not "who you know" or "who you are sleeping with" is valued.

Another difference - Washintonienne told her friends about the blog. I haven't told the vast majority of my friends. What if I want to gossip about them?

I also don't gossip about work. I wanted to when I started this blog, and then I read the whole Washingtonienne thing, and I've worked WAY too hard to get fired. Sure there are plenty of tidbits I'd like to chat about, the comments I've heard from Congressmen, gossip about federal agency leaders, etc. But, I'd be shooting myself in the foot to be to descriptive about work. And probably violating all those documents they made me sign about confidentiality during most of my jobs since much of that information I learned during my job. Unlike Washingtonienne, I am extremely ambitious, and being a Playboy centerfield is not my idea of ambition or having a career. Sure she has money now, but at what price? I plan on making money the good old-fashioned way - working my butt off to get into elite schools and then getting a high paying job at an elite firm.

Some similarities in personalities though. We were both in gifted programs as children and have very high IQs. I do have a steady boyfriend that I love but sometimes feel "bored" with, even though I can't rationally explain it. Because like Jessica, I am bored constantly. I am also attracted to men with power and money. I also enjoy money. I never had it growing up; one of the most awful moments in my life was when I was beat up and pushed into the mud (down a muddy hill actually) in junior high because I only had one pair of old hand me down jeans that I wore all the time, and it feels great to be able to buy stuff and have several pairs of jeans in my closet (although of course only one pair fits well).

Like Jessica, I have left, and once been asked to leave, a menial job. It's hard for intelligent people with high IQs to answer phones all day. I know you have to work your way to the top, but I worked throughout college (30-45 hours a week) and earned good grades, and I thought that it would get me above 20k or a legislative correspondent job on the Hill at least. And I too was frustrated after college, where I earned honors from a top school, to only find low level, low paying jobs where I was treated like a secretary, even though that was not my job title or in the job description (which was much more policy and legislatively focused). Unlike Jessica, even though I had interned several times on the Hill and for several Members I couldn't get an entry level staff position. I was "too qualified" for staff assistant and "not qualified enough" for "legislative assistant." And so on it went until I decided to quit and go to school again. I think I would have been a great staff
er. I get "A"s (which is like top 5-20% depending on the prof) in all my legislation and administrative law classes because I'm good at it.

Anyway, this article too is a great source of Washingtonienne gossip -


At December 23, 2004 at 4:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason why Jessica is a piece of shit is that she lacks any shred of integrity. She may claim to be an "honest" person by writing about all the details of her sex life in her blog, but that does not mean you're honest . . . an exhibitionist is a more apt description, particularly in her case. It's also obvious she has a other issues . . . which we can only speculate on.

She gives sexually active girls and junior hill staffers a bad name. Nothing's wrong with sleeping around with lots of men, so long as you DON'T LIE TO THEM ABOUT IT. If you're upfront and really honest, then you don't sleep with a married man or woman unless you know the other person in that relationship has agreed to an open, non-monogamous marriage, and wouldn't have a problem with you banging their spouse. Such marriages do exist, and aren't necessarily a bad thing either, considering the level of cheating that goes on in society, and that we humans are not programmed to just make love to one person for the rest of our lives, no matter what anyone says. And if you really have integrity, you won't date a guy and tell him you're his only, but then have six boyfriends on the side. It's these reasons Jessica is a slut, not the fact that she sleeps with a lot of men.

Jessica's short-term fame and money is exactly that . . . short-term. She'll probably never get hired again in DC in a corporate or political job, and will never be able to say she made it on her own merits, unlike you. She'll always be that girl who sold sex for money, who lacks the ability to be discreet in private matters, and who seriously fucked over the guys she dated. Her available employment options are now severely limited to her, not because she sleeps around, but she lacks the two most important things employers need in their employees, whatever the job, and that's integrity, and loyalty. She's proven to the world she has neither, and everyone will remember that.

At March 9, 2005 at 6:33 PM, Anonymous faghag said...

Hey "anonymous," what is your deal? You sure have a lot to say about Miss Cutler at 4 in the morning! How much integrity to YOU have? I'm willing to bet that you are one of Jessica's disgruntled coworkers, or even one of the guys from the blog. Jesus man, get a life.


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