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Friday, December 03, 2004

Solomon Amendment Thrown Out - Law Schools Can Now Ban Military Recruiting

I think that the 3rd Circuit was right about finding the Solomon Amendment unconstitutional. It does restrict universities academic freedom. But I agree with Dionne's column today about letting the campus recruiters on campus. I read that Harvard law is going to start banning military recuiters now. Other elite schools will follow suit. I'm shocked U Michigan Law wasn't the first.

That's just wrong. Law students are entitled to make their own choices whether to apply for a JAG position. If every liberal lawyer boycotts the military than there's no one inside the military to advocate for change. Lawyers should be proud to join the military and support our country - not barred from interviewing. I think "don't ask don't tell" is stupid, but it shouldn't be the roadblock to the military getting the quality lawyers it needs.

The comment that "our all-volunteer force, for all its many virtues, is not representative of American society" seems a little misplaced in the article. How many Americans attend elite law schools??? So if we add 2 Harvard law and 1 Yale law graduate than the military would be representative, at least in the context of this article?? I think this statement relies on the assumption that elite law students are all upper middle class or richer and "privileged," which comes after the statement. This is an overstatement and incorrect for some proportion of the student body. I know I certainly am not rich or privileged. But I thank Dionne for saying so. I feel better knowing that I am considered privileged even though I worked my ass off to get where I am.



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