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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Princeton Review 2005 law school rankings

Interesting that of the most competitive students, there's only one top tier law school. Is that because students at lower tier schools need to work harder to compete for jobs? Or do they need more time to study (since competitiveness as defined is a function of how many hours they study)? Or do they not have lives? You'd think you'd study a lot and have a lot of serious competition at a top school, but apparently not.

In schools that lean to the left, I was surprised that Berkeley was not there. Georgetown was in the top 10, which is interesting considering how many Republican corporate lawyers it produces and that it is a Catholic school. I would have probably put GW before Georgetown.

The "best career prospects" was very surprising. Chicago was number one. And Georgetown, ranked 14 by US News, beat out higher ranking schools Yale, Duke, Cornell, Stanford, Berkely, UVA, and NYU. The fact it was ranked higher than Yale and NYU is a bit baffling. Boston U was number 4 which was also surprising. It not only beat out higher ranked schools, but two higher ranked schools in its own state - Harvard and BC.


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