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Monday, December 27, 2004

Michael Moore Goes After Easy Targets

FDA and pharmaceutical bashing is becoming a sport. Before the Vioxx scandal I think the only people concerned about the FDA were big business and lobbyists. Now even Moore is interested. I wonder what he'll find that Congress and the regular media won't. There seem to be plenty of information already exposing the FDA's shoddy follow up and that they're in the pockets of lobbyists and big business (what government agency that regulates an industry isn't???) I'm just surprised that this is considered such "new" news that FDA officials might speed up processes to help out their big business pals and that big companies might fudge or hide data. Where does all this confidence in big business come from anyway to begin with?

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that at least six drug companies have released internal communications telling employees to be wary of filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore's targets have included General Motors ("Roger & Me"), the gun lobby (the Oscar-winning "Bowling for Columbine") and President Bush ("Fahrenheit 9/11").

Moore, normally seen sporting a beard and a ball cap, has now set his sights on the health care industry, including insurance companies, HMOs, the Food and Drug Administration and drug companies.


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