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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Is the Don, Donald Trump a democrat or republican?

Because I'm such a big Apprentice fan and it's over, I have to find something to occupy my time. So because I like politics, I thought I'd look at Donald Trump's political contributions.

2004 Presidential Election - even money for Kerry and Bush in the primary - playing it smart and hedging bets....doesn't sound as risk-taking and determinative as the Don likes from his candidates...sounds pretty wishy-washy to me, and on the Apprentice the Don doesn't seem to like wishy-washiness...even if for political expediency...this one is dissapointing...

2004 Senatorial races

Spector (R-PA) - but he's pretty moderate, particularly on the Judiciary Comm
Schumer (D-NY)
Daschle (D-SD) - interesting that the Don tried to keep Daschle in power....didn't think he was as good for
big business
Kenendy (D-MA) - hmm...helped the bleading heart liberal
Dodd (D-CT)
McCain (R-AZ) - no surprises here, McCain seems like someone Trump would have on the Apprentice
Reid (D-NV) - always a good investment to invest in leadership

2004 House Races

Kelly (R-NY) - a relatively moderate woman
Rangel (D-NY) - liberal NY democrat
Shaw (R-FL) - hmm...don't know about this one...personal friend? seems sorta random
Kennedy (D-RI) - he likes those Kennedys
Lobiondo (R-NJ) - NJ...hmm...
Foley (R-FL)...another Florida Republican
Fossella (R-NY)

25,000 to the DSCC - the Don supports a democratic Senate
1000 to the Reform Pac - not sure what this is

In the past, in 2002, the Don gave money to Americans for a Republican Majority, the RNCC, the DSCC, and a variety of Democratic Senators, including The Hillary, Bowles, Biden, and Hollings.

In conclusion: The Don isn't as decisive in the realm of politics and takes the safe stance of hedging his bets on the presidential election. BUT, he appears to support a Democratic Senate and a Republican House, although he has a few Democratic House favorites, mainly New York incumbents (don't want to piss them off) and Kennedys. Interesting that he would go for a divided Congress. So in his ideal world, the Republican House passes all the tax plans and corporate deals that are helpful to him, while the Senate deliberates and applies democratic policies to things like international affairs and judicial candidates.


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I can tell you where a poli sci major.


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