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Monday, December 27, 2004

Commenting on Lunch and Courtesy

It always sorta annoys me when people walk by and say things like "that doesn't look appetizing" about my low calorie frozen dinner lunch. I don't generally comment on things other people's food. I cwouldn't tell something what they are about to eat looks "unappetizing" or "gross", etc. I mean they're about to EAT it. It's because it's frozen right? I mean if I made a crappy looking sandwhich or brought leftovers I cooked, would people feel as free to comment?

I hear stuff like this all the time. Probably 1 time out of 3 when I am eating a frozen dinner for lunch, someone in the office says something negative about it.

Personally, I'm proud of myself for ignoring the yummy fattening lunch delights of ABP (their sandwhiches all seem to be 500+ calories, and their salad dressing has 200-300) or getting a cheeseburger, pizza, or fat filled burrito. My lunch has 230 calories, and I'd be eating at least 500 calories if I went to ABP, Baja Fresh, Cosi, our the other assorted sandwhich, hamburger, taco, and pizza places. And I'd feel full and tired after.

I shouldn't have to feel embarassed about my lunch at work, right?


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