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Friday, November 19, 2004

Slipdisk, one of my fave bands to listen to in the DC area is splitting up

This is so sad! Going to see Slipdisk play at Clarendon Grill has always been a guaranteed good time. Always a good crowd, everyone I know shows up, they play music that's fun to dance to...there's truly no fun, cheesy live music left now in DC...This is the email Slipdisk sent...

Dear Slipdisk fans,

Today is a wonderful, yet sad day in the story of
Slipdisk. As of January 1st, 2005, we will be hanging
up our blue suits and Slipdisk, your favorite hip-hop
cover band, will call it a day. We've had an
incredible run for the past five years, and have loved
every minute of it. We just feel it is time for us to
move on to different things, be it personally or

The reasons for this ending are many, but mainly we
feel that we have done all that we can in the current
format. We've enjoyed our time and would like to go
out with a modicum of dignity, rather than push it any
further and burn out with a substandard product. That
wouldn't be fair to us or to you, our fans.

We'll still be selling the Slipdisk CD "Ruckus"
through CD Baby and our website. You may want to grab
a few more before they become collector's items!

Also, a few of us have discussed the possibility of
regrouping sometime next year with an all-original,
more Philly soul-influenced project. If and when that
ever materializes, we'll notify you through this list.

And so ends the party. We hope that we can still call
every one of you friends, and we could never explain
what your support, encouragement, and loyalty have
meant to each and every one of us. We'll keep in touch
and let you know periodically how we're doing.

But we're not dead yet!! We still have seven shows
left this year, including the big pre-Thanksgiving
party at Clarendon Grill, and our New Year's Eve Party
at Sonoma's, which will double as our farewell. This
will be your last chance to catch the hip-hop covers
so make sure you make your plans now


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