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Friday, November 12, 2004

jobs and my life

I'm going to accept an offer today. I've put it off because I've had great firms and great people give me offers. But I've decided to go with my first offer. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble just saying yes. I like the firm, I'm just freaking out about my future. This is not where I thought I'd be. Last year I couldn't beg a firm to let me be their secretary or unpaid intern, now I have offers from some of the biggest and best firms. I always thought I'd work at a firm that does more policy and regulatory work, which is what my interests are and what my coursework in undergrad and law school has focused on, and now I'm going to be something not entirely related. Where will this take me? Will it take me anywhere?? I always thought I would like to work on Capitol Hill or for the Administration, if only they weren't run by the wrong party.

This is really the best time to SELL OUT and go for the big firm money and represent wrongdoing corporations. I can work hard, make some bucks, put a prestigious firm on my resume, and see whether the Dems can take back power or not. There's no way I'd go work for the DOJ or something like that and make Bush look good. Working on Cap Hill or a liberal association right now would be like beating my head against the wall all day. Bush is going to steamroll his legislation through Congress without looking back at the Dems.

So I'll call today and accept my sell-out status. There's really nothing else I could do anyway....


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