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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

DC Weekend Review - Saki

Last Saturday night I went to Saki in Adams Morgan. Cover charges and lines are never fun, but can be avoided before 10 pm. The light show downstairs is neat, with the lights on the walls changing the mood of the room from yellow to blue to red and green I thikn. The dance floor is small, but packed, and the music is an eclectic mix of 80s, old school hip hop, and "weird stuff". Not a place for interns, frat guys, or meat market lovers, but good for a group of girlfriends or party. Age range was mid twenties-mid thirties. The women were very attractive, the men not as much. Drinks are expensive, but that's par for a nice place in DC, and were somewhat watered down. Despite being "known for their martinis" they didn't have a martini menu! Will definitely go again sometime.

Drink Quality/Price: One Star
Meat Market: One and half Stars
Martinis with the Girls: Four Stars
Service: Two Stars
Overall: Three Stars


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