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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Celebrities and their bizarre kids names

Does naming your kid Phinneaus or Heavely Hiraani Tiger Lily count as child abuse???

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are the parents of Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle. Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin recently begat Apple. Sylvester Stallone sired Sage Moonblood and Sistine Rose. Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are the proud parents of Coco. Singer Erykah Badu -- herself on the celebrity all-name team -- has a child named Puma. John Travolta and Kelly Preston named their boy Jett. Christie Brinkley's youngest is a girl named Sailor. The late rock star Michael Hutchence named his daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily. Long-ago rock star Bob Geldof calls daughter Fifi Trixabelle to dinner. Soccer star David Beckham and Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams's brood includes Brooklyn, Romeo and a soon-to-be wee one who reportedly may be dubbed San Miguel. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has a girl named Clementine, as does Cybill Shepherd. Rob Morrow, of "Northern Exposure" quasi-fame, dubbed his baby Tu, as in Tu Morrow.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Restaurant Review: Ten Penh

Excellent food. Service was very good, although better at other tables with older and stuffier guests. Highly recomended. Worth the expensive price. Some reasonably priced wines too and fabulous exotic martinis.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Congress wants to limit porn and education on porn addictions

Doesn't Congress have something better to do???

Comparing pornography to heroin, researchers on Thursday called on Congress to finance studies on "porn addiction" and launch a public health campaign about the dangers.

"We're so afraid to talk about sex in our society that we really give carte blanche to the people who are producing this kind of material," said James B. Weaver, a Virginia Tech professor who studies the impact of pornography.

Internet pornography is corrupting children and hooking adults into an addiction that threatens their jobs and families, a panel of anti-porn advocates told the hearing organized by Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., chairman of the Commerce subcommittee on science.

Brownback, a father of five, said when he was a boy, the typical kid's exposure was limited to occasional peeks at dirty magazines illicitly obtained by a buddy.

Now, he said, pornography seems pervasive. Children run across it while researching homework on the Internet. Vulgar ads arrive unexpectedly by e-mail. Some of his middle-age male friends limit their time alone in hotel rooms to avoid the temptation of graphic pay-per-view movies, Brownback said.

Mary Anne Layden, co-director of a sexual trauma program at the University of Pennsylvania, said pornography's effect on the brain mirrors addiction to heroin or crack cocaine. She told of one patient, a business executive, who arrived at his office at 9 a.m. each day, logged onto Internet porn sites, and didn't log off until 5 p.m.

Layden called for billboards and bus ads warning people to avoid pornography, strip clubs and prostitutes.

The panel discussion ranged from hardcore, violent pornography to audience complaints

Republican = Party of Fiscal Responsibility - What a JOKE!!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress sent President Bush an $800 billion boost in the federal borrowing limit on Thursday, spotlighting how the budget has lurched out of control in recent years and how hard it will be to afford future initiatives.

The House approved the measure by a near party-line 208-204 vote as White House and bipartisan congressional bargainers moved to the verge of agreement on a year-end spending package expected to total $388 billion. Negotiators said just a handful of issues remained unresolved, and a package might be ready for votes by late Friday.

With the government facing imminent default because it has depleted its authority to borrow money, the debt limit bill would pump up the federal borrowing cap to $8.18 trillion. That is 70 percent the size of the entire U.S. economy, and more than $2.4 trillion higher than the debt Bush inherited upon taking office in 2001.

"The president commends the Congress for passing the debt limit increase," the White House said in a written statement that did not mention the magnitude of borrowing involved or its causes. "Passage of this legislation was important to protect the full faith and credit of the United States."

Slipdisk, one of my fave bands to listen to in the DC area is splitting up

This is so sad! Going to see Slipdisk play at Clarendon Grill has always been a guaranteed good time. Always a good crowd, everyone I know shows up, they play music that's fun to dance to...there's truly no fun, cheesy live music left now in DC...This is the email Slipdisk sent...

Dear Slipdisk fans,

Today is a wonderful, yet sad day in the story of
Slipdisk. As of January 1st, 2005, we will be hanging
up our blue suits and Slipdisk, your favorite hip-hop
cover band, will call it a day. We've had an
incredible run for the past five years, and have loved
every minute of it. We just feel it is time for us to
move on to different things, be it personally or

The reasons for this ending are many, but mainly we
feel that we have done all that we can in the current
format. We've enjoyed our time and would like to go
out with a modicum of dignity, rather than push it any
further and burn out with a substandard product. That
wouldn't be fair to us or to you, our fans.

We'll still be selling the Slipdisk CD "Ruckus"
through CD Baby and our website. You may want to grab
a few more before they become collector's items!

Also, a few of us have discussed the possibility of
regrouping sometime next year with an all-original,
more Philly soul-influenced project. If and when that
ever materializes, we'll notify you through this list.

And so ends the party. We hope that we can still call
every one of you friends, and we could never explain
what your support, encouragement, and loyalty have
meant to each and every one of us. We'll keep in touch
and let you know periodically how we're doing.

But we're not dead yet!! We still have seven shows
left this year, including the big pre-Thanksgiving
party at Clarendon Grill, and our New Year's Eve Party
at Sonoma's, which will double as our farewell. This
will be your last chance to catch the hip-hop covers
so make sure you make your plans now

Thursday, November 18, 2004

what would the country look like if the blue states left the morally zealous red states?


Do the blue states have a way to secede from the Union? According to the Slate, it doesn't look like so...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

DC Weekend Review - Saki

Last Saturday night I went to Saki in Adams Morgan. Cover charges and lines are never fun, but can be avoided before 10 pm. The light show downstairs is neat, with the lights on the walls changing the mood of the room from yellow to blue to red and green I thikn. The dance floor is small, but packed, and the music is an eclectic mix of 80s, old school hip hop, and "weird stuff". Not a place for interns, frat guys, or meat market lovers, but good for a group of girlfriends or party. Age range was mid twenties-mid thirties. The women were very attractive, the men not as much. Drinks are expensive, but that's par for a nice place in DC, and were somewhat watered down. Despite being "known for their martinis" they didn't have a martini menu! Will definitely go again sometime.

Drink Quality/Price: One Star
Meat Market: One and half Stars
Martinis with the Girls: Four Stars
Service: Two Stars
Overall: Three Stars

Harriet Miers replaces Gonzalez as White House Counsel for President Bush

I guess you don't need a top law degree or even top tier degree to do something impressive...or maybe you just need to be from Texas and suck up to W...

Harriet Miers received both her undergraduate and law degrees from Southern Methodist University. She worked at the firm of Locke, Purnell, Rain & Harrell from 1972 to 1999, rising to the position of president. In 1985, she became the first woman president of the Dallas Bar Association; she also served as a member-at-large on the Dallas City Council.

In 1992, Miers became the first woman president of the Texas State Bar. Most recently, she was co-managing partner at Locke Liddell & Sapp, LLP. From 1995 until 2000, Miers was chair of the Texas Lottery Commission. She was Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy for Bush until her recent appointment.

rated illegal

As part of its campaign, the MPAA "is offering a free software tool that people can use to identify and delete all file-sharing programs and illegally copied movie and music files on their computers. The software will not report evidence of illegal content back to the studios, the association said. The tool will be made available at www.respectcopyrights.org, a site run by the MPAA," washingtonpost.com reported. Yeah, that'll be a hot download...

Washingtonienne is coming out with a book in June 2005


Friday, November 12, 2004

jobs and my life

I'm going to accept an offer today. I've put it off because I've had great firms and great people give me offers. But I've decided to go with my first offer. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble just saying yes. I like the firm, I'm just freaking out about my future. This is not where I thought I'd be. Last year I couldn't beg a firm to let me be their secretary or unpaid intern, now I have offers from some of the biggest and best firms. I always thought I'd work at a firm that does more policy and regulatory work, which is what my interests are and what my coursework in undergrad and law school has focused on, and now I'm going to be something not entirely related. Where will this take me? Will it take me anywhere?? I always thought I would like to work on Capitol Hill or for the Administration, if only they weren't run by the wrong party.

This is really the best time to SELL OUT and go for the big firm money and represent wrongdoing corporations. I can work hard, make some bucks, put a prestigious firm on my resume, and see whether the Dems can take back power or not. There's no way I'd go work for the DOJ or something like that and make Bush look good. Working on Cap Hill or a liberal association right now would be like beating my head against the wall all day. Bush is going to steamroll his legislation through Congress without looking back at the Dems.

So I'll call today and accept my sell-out status. There's really nothing else I could do anyway....

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Obese airline passengers are a costly load

Now the airlines, too, want us to lose weight. They've joined doctors, nutritionists, animal-rights activists and spouses in nagging us to eat less and better.

The airlines have a good reason: The extra fuel it takes to airlift obese, portly and merely chubby people around the world is getting really expensive.

Major airlines say that the average American weights 4.5 kilos more than a decade ago, and that the fuel to get off the ground and stay airborne while carrying that extra weight costs $275 million U.S. per year.

Some airlines are fighting back. SouthWest, for one, requires obese passengers to pay for two seats. Meanwhile, the Canadian government wants to be sure that average body weights, used to calculate total aircraft loading, are up to date. Transport Canada blamed just that kind of miscalculation for a crash last January that killed 10 people.

These seem like reasonable measures. But we just wish we could shake the nagging suspicion that concern about passenger plumpness may explain the alarming quality of so much airline food - we might pig out on the ground, but airlines seem determined to make sure nobody eats much while up in the air.


The Truth About Men in DC Is a Tough Pill to Swallow

From Reliable Source...........

* Guys, rejoice: Washington is the No. 1 place to find "babes." So claims Men's Health magazine, which ranks America's sexiest cities in its November issue. This city boasts "the highest percentage of young, single, college-educated women," according to the editors' analysis of U.S. Census info.

But while the mag christens us the "Dating Capital," there's very bad news for those ladies: Washington ranked No. 2 among 101 cities in erectile-function diagnoses and "the number of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra prescriptions dispensed per capita," Men's Health reports. Washington also ranked second in doctor visits for male-pattern baldness and sales of Rogaine.

But hold on! Whatever their other deficiencies, the men here stay in good physical shape. They score high for "best abs" and low for body mass index. "It may be the home of pork-barrel politics," the mag says, "but D.C.'s male population is far from porcine."

Hmm. Have those editors frequented any lobbyist-heavy steakhouses lately?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ode to election 2004

I cannot sit still,
I cannot delay,
I wants to go home
it's election day!

I must sit by the tube
not a second to lose
to watch the returns
and drink some good booze!

Oh the day does not end
the time goes so slow
I want to go watch CNN
and drink some merlot!

The paper it says
final decision may not be today
so I will go home
and drink anyway.

I waited on line for two hours today
I am now out a few hours of pay
That wouldn't matter,
that my wallet's less fatter,
if my state didn't always go one way

I wish that my vote did count
that the obstacle wasn't impossible to surmount,
but the south of my state
carries more weight
and of democratic NOVA they take no account

My voting experience today

I was watching the poll coverage before I went to go vote myself and then go to work. The lines at my polling place were much longer than the lines showing on air this morning in DC and other places. I had false hopes that I could actually vote in 1-1.5 hours. There are only FIVE polling booths at the polling place I went to! We watched people eventually give up because they couldn't afford to be so late to work. (I personally lost a few hours of my salary by taking leave without pay to vote). It is a travesty that it takes so long and that those people who tried to vote my not come back. I predict the evening rush will be much much worse. Who knows how many people will leave the line then?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

How cellphone dependency affects the election

This has been my own hunch, and I see it has been confirmed by someone who has more knowledge than me, or at least their own website. I myself don't have a landline. Neither do the vast majority of my twenty-something year old friends. And they are all voting for Kerry, and some of them actually live in states that count. Perhaps I am sheltered, but I don't personally know a single person around my age without a landline who is voting for Bush. Then again, statistically no one cares about us and who we want to vote for because we vote less often than old people with landlines.

From http://www.electoral-vote.com/
"As I have discussed repeatedly, normally people with a cell phone but no landline are not polled. Most of these are in the 18-29 year old group. Up until now, no one has known how their absence from the polling data might affect the results. Zogby has now conducted a very large (N = 6039) poll exclusively on cell phones using SMS messaging to get a feeling of how they will vote. The results are that they go strongly for Kerry, 55% to 40%, with a margin of error of only 1.2%. If they all vote tomorrow, the pollsters are going to spend the rest of the week wiping egg from their faces. But historically, younger voters have a miserable turnout record, so the pollsters need not yet stock up on paper towels."

Funny: BigLaw Firm Life

"As an newly minted JD you will be tempted to join a biglaw paying $125,000 with a with a starting bonus, consisting of ten to thirty thousand in cash. As a first and second year associate you will need to work long hours to make your billing goal because the firm is writing off so much of your time as "training". No one will ever look at your work product or give you feedback, although the bills to the client will reflect significant training time.

In your third and fourth years the partnership will remind you that they wrote off a boatload of your time in the first and second years, so you will need to work long hours to repay them for their investment in training you. If you fail to make your billable goal, then they will fire you. If you make the billable goal, then they will not harp on you. If you exceed your billable goal, then they may elect to pay you a bonus. If you significantly exceed your billable goal, then they may offer you a concubine. However to save money, firms only offer mid-level associates concubines of the same gender. Therefore, you have to be gay or bisexual to accept this benefit, or arrange for a swap with an associate of the opposite gender.

In your fifth and sixth years the partnership will remind you that you are entering the partnership window, so you will need to work long hours to demonstrate that you are partnership material. If you fail to make your billable goal, then they will fire you. If you make the billable goal, then they will not harp on you. If you exceed your billable goal, then they may elect to pay you a bonus. If you significantly exceed your billable goal, then they may permit you to swap your same-gender concubine for one of the opposite sex. Also, if you are a stellar performer, then the firm may help pay for your divorce.

In your seventh and eighth years you will either make partner or be fired. The partnership decision will be based on important criteria like, for example, are you a white male who belongs to the appropriate golf and tennis clubs and lives in an appropriate section of the city. Also, make sure you are fat and out-of-shape when you come up for partnership. If you are thin and in-shape, the partnership will assume that you have not been working enough, and they will reject you. This is critical, because the partners are too lazy to bother checking your hours. Nor will they check your work product if you have been with the firm for a long time, because it might expose the fact that they failed to train you.

If you make partner, then the firm exchanges your concubine for a trophy wife. She will be ten to fifteen years younger than you with beautiful hair and nails, and large, perfectly formed breasts. You will never know whether they are real. She will love diamonds, BMWs, and professes to love fat, middle-aged attorneys. She plays a killer game of both golf and tennis, and looks great in a swimsuit. She was a tri-delt in college, and majored in art history. You will get to learn about art. Unbeknownst to you as a junior partner, the firm pays for her to maintain a lover, who poses as your gardener. The firm exchanges your 1994 Honda Accord for a new BMW 5 series. Your trophy wife gets a Land Rover to take her across the rugged terrain of the city streets to wilds of the country club.

After about ten years in the partnership you will discover the secret account the firm uses to pay for your wife’s lover. By this time you are so invested in the firm, so fat and gross, and so estranged from your wife and family that you no longer care. If you have sufficiently high originations, the firm will open the secret account to pay for your mistress, who will be fifteen to twenty-five years younger than you. She will energize you to lose weight, buy a hairpiece, and get a convertible, or even a Harley, which you will ride exactly twice. You will carry on this affair for two to three years, then she will dump you. You will gain forty pounds and start drinking Vodka at the office.

You are now nearing retirement. You are eighty pounds overweight with a fifty-two inch waist. You are trapped in a sham marriage with a forty-something year old wife who still looks great in a swimsuit and would not let you touch her with a ten-foot pole. She is entitled to half your assets and she knows it, so she has got you by the nads. You no longer care that you see the same gardener pull in every day in your rearview mirror of your BMW 7 series as you leave for work. And who the hell are these teenagers around your house anyway? And why do they despise you? And why do you have to pay for their college when they look just like the damned gardener? And why is your face always as red as a fire engine?

This is about when you receive the group email from the firm announcing that you have informed the executive committee of your decision to retire at the end of the year. You go to the managing partner to ask what the hell is up with this, and before you can say anything he jumps up, shakes your hand and tells you how much you have contributed to the firm. They hate to see you leave, but they understand that its time for you to enjoy your life a little. The place just will not be the same without you. Blah, blah, blah. They agree to keep you on as counsel for another year in a small satellite office out in the suburbs to avoid a lawsuit. You are fifty-five years old.

Then you are done. You waddle your fat ass around your house for another two or three years until you die in your sleep of a heart attack from being so fat or from cancer from smoking. As your life passes before your eyes while you draw your last breath, you ask yourself what made your life worth living? Fortunately you expire before you realize the question was rhetorical. They have to bury you in a piano crate."