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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The VP Debate: the 90% casualty figure

From WP: In a reprise of comments Kerry made in last week's debate, Edwards said the United States has paid 90 percent of the costs and suffered 90 percent of the casualties in the war in Iraq.

The figure is "dead wrong," Cheney replied, adding that the Iraqi security forces have suffered almost 50 percent of the casualties."

They're comparing apples and oranges. Kerry/Edwards is talking about 90% in reference to allies casualties. Compared to the Allies fighting in Iraq we've taken 90% of casualties. Cheney is talking total casualties, including American and Iraqi. Edwards wasn't talking about Iraqis deaths, he was talking about allies (ie traditional allies - Europe, Japan, Australia, etc) and the proportion of American deaths. The WP doesn't make it clear that Cheney's repetitive points are off the topic. I'm sure Edwards recognizes Iraqis deaths, that wasn't the point!


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