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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Shearman & Sterling summer associate fired

Funny story, from greedyassociates.com:

He showed up at a firm wide diversity lunch with a prepared speech that was misogynist, elitist, and racist (highlights: the intelligence failures that led to 9/11 were a result of diversity policies that put unqualified minorities from bad schools in important positions; the first female air force pilot crashed her f16 because she was incompetent and got her position through terrible diveristy policies; the law enforcement response to 9/11 was deficient and caused more deaths b/c of diversity policies). An invited guest, a major potential corporate client of the firm, was the keynote speaker and opened the floor to q&a. The summer got up and read his speech in an adversarial tone ("wouldn't you agree that... " "how do you respond to ..." ) as a "question."

The person in question also already had a reputation for being a loudmouthed jerk with poor judgement in the departments he rotated through and with his lawschool classmates. He had already made some strange comments at a summers-only diversity training as well. This was the straw that broke the camel's back, in other words.

He was offered the chance to apologize and retract his statements. He refused, insisting that he didn't do anything inappropriate and that he was right, etc. He wouldn't even acknowledge that it was the wrong forum to bring up such viewpoints. Even now he maintains that he was fired because of some insane left-wing conspiracy.

In other words, he is totally wacko and S&S did the right thing.


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