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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rest of US can get flu while young Congressional staffers get flu vaccines

While many Americans search in vain for flu shots, members and employees of Congress are able to obtain them quickly and at no charge from the Capitol's attending physician, who has urged all 535 lawmakers to get the vaccines even if they are young and healthy.

YET federal guidelines call for this season's limited supply to go mainly to the elderly, the very young, pregnant women, long-term-care patients and people with chronic illnesses.

I'm sorta okay with Members who are visiting elderly people getting flu shots. But staffers??? So staffers should get flu shots and the rest of us working in DC shouldn't? Like Congress will collapse if some 22 year old House receptionist has a runny nose? Please!

Congress makes one rule for the rest of the country and their own rules for themselves. They can pay interns less than minimum wage while arguing for an increase in the wage. They can raise their own salaries while the gap grows between rich and poor, etc.



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