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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Does Edwards not vote in roll call votes like VP Cheney claimed tonight??

So I'm watching the VP debate and I hear Cheney say he never saw Senator Edwards before tonight because Sen. Edwards hasn't been to a roll call vote (while Cheney goes to all). I think, can this be true??

While Cheney is exagerating (Edwards at least showed up on June 23rd) and previously before that, according to my research. But the last time he voted in roll call vote - was JUNE 24, 2004!! There have been numerous votes in July and September since then and a couple in October.

According to C-Span, Edwards hasn't voted in any "key votes" in the past few months.

From a NC newspaper:
Edwards has the second-worst attendance record in the Senate, eclipsed only by Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry, according to official Senate records, available on www.senate.gov. Edwards was absent in 64 of the 119 roll-call votes from Jan. 20 through June 16, 2004 (a staggering 54 percent nonvoting record).

For other VP debate Reax see http://www.thenationaldebate.com/blog/archives/2004/10/veep_debate_rea.html#more


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