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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Bachelor TryOuts in Washington DC

The Bachelor held auditions yesterday in Washington DC yesterday at Ozios. I was there with one of my girlfriends. The crowd was mostly mid20s-late 30s women, with about 10-20% of the crowd being male, mostly African-American. The women selected to fill out a form and be on tape were ALL BLONDE! No kidding - not one brunette, redhead, Asian, or African-American the entire time I was there. The women were mostly late twenties looking, darkish blonde haired, with C cup breasts. Most were average looking, a few were attractive, but shockingly, the women picked weren't gorgeous or even the best looking at the bar. They all were the same type though.

One man asked me what I thought about not being selected. I told him the straight truth, when it comes to being blonde with big boobs I lose - BUT if The Bachelor, or whoever, is looking for an attractive, size 2, former cheerleader and promotional model, with fashion sense, who went to a top undergrad and graduated with honors, who's in a top graduate program, and making six figures - at my age and without even having graduated grad school yet!, and who did it all themselves (no family money, connections, etc) then I am the whole package. Unfortunately, or fortunately, shallow men looking for blondes with boobs are going to miss out.


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