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Monday, August 09, 2004

Summer Internship is Over!

So my summer internships is over. I hope I actually contributed something, but it's hard to tell sometimes. I guess I still expect to be treated like a piece of crap secretary, I mean project/legislative/grassroots/staff/etc assistant, like I was before law school, and do meaningless tedious work all the time while the interns get interesting assignments. I think my brain partially melted that year from lack of substance. At least I read a lot that year, and studied for LSATs, which kept my mind sane from lack of stimulation. Summer jobs just seem less substantive than school year jobs anyway, at least 20 hr/wk or more school year jobs. You do actually needed work then, in the summer sometimes I feel they need to make work for the interns, which makes more work for them! Anyway, this summer my bosses seem pretty cool and they're very smart so I'm gonna try to keep in touch. Fall job starts in a few weeks, so only a few weeks to chill and not be an intern. This year will be a first for me - my first PAID internship during the year since that 1.5 semester(s) my senior year in college! Last year was all pro bono and hurt the pocketbook, I mean my ebay purchasing power (I am soooo addicted!! Shoes, belts, flower pins, books you name it!!)


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