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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Saturday night

Went to dinner at a really nice place downtown. It was Q's bday and there were like 20 people and he picked up the tab for a 3 course meal, cake, champagne, and drinks. One day...sigh...
We went to Air and sat in the VIP section. Some very hot women at Air. This is #2 on the list of places my bfriend is not allowed without me after 1223 (lots of beautiful women, several grinding on each other, which of course my bfriend finds hot). I don't get why Air doesn't have a VIP bathroom. It took forever to get to the bathroom and back, I would have been happy with a VIP porta potty. We saw a bunch of people jump the fence into the VIP section - I couldn't believe it with all the security. Bottle service has to be the biggest rip off. But being in the VIP section is fun. Still trying to figure out the deal with the couple next to us. The guy seemed to be with his girlfriend and a really attractive blonde girl, they all seemed to be on each other, but the fatter chick was definitely with the guy.


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