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Monday, August 16, 2004

More Apprentice News

So it seems that I won't be the first law student/lawyer that tries out for the apprentice. They've finally added a lawyer to their roster in this season. Unlike me, who would have fit it in the non-Ivy/no real business experience category, she is pitted in the opposite group - the Ivy educated, like Kwame. Which I suppose is actually a different group than the experienced group, like Amy and Bill. Or is Amy in the less experienced but street smart group because of her age? So I guess they're really pitting the lesser experienced, but street smart and savvy v. ivy educated v. lots of business experience.

Hoping for 'You're Hired', Brenda Sandburg, The Recorder

Someone was sure to recognize Jennifer Massey in NBC's promo for the next season of "The Apprentice." After all, she had a role in a video her former firm, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, produced for an office Christmas party in 2000. In that flick -- a spoof of James Bond -- Massey played a blonde beauty opposite former Chairman Tower Snow Jr.'s Bond. Massey, now an associate at Clifford Chance, didn't return a phone call seeking comment. A firm spokesman confirmed that Massey is an associate at the firm but wouldn't say whether she's on the show.

While NBC hasn't released the names of the 18 "Apprentice" contestants, a former Brobeck lawyer confirmed that Massey is in the NBC ad featuring the players. "The Apprentice" follows a group of young men and women as they try to impress billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump. Each week, Trump assigns them a business task, and at the end of the episode he calls them into his boardroom and tells one of them, "You're fired." The last one standing gets a job with Trump that pays a six-figure salary. The second season premieres Sept. 9. NBC says the candidates "come from all walks of life, including both Ivy League MBA graduates and street entrepreneurs with no college education." Massey is in the Ivy League camp. She received a law degree from Harvard Law School and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. The odds of getting picked for the show were pretty stiff. NBC's ad says that hundreds of thousands of people have auditioned to be a candidate. But Massey isn't the first Brobeck lawyer to make it onto a reality show. Stacey Stillman was a Brobeck associate when she appeared on the first season of "The Survivor." One of 16 castaways, Stillman got booted off the island in the third episode. She later sued CBS, claiming that the producer had rigged her removal. NBC is presenting "The Apprentice" wannabes as a cutthroat bunch.

Says a male contestant in a promo: "The women in this show will eat their own young."


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