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Friday, August 20, 2004

a large reason why I dislike the Bush admin

The New York Times and The Washington Post analyzed President Bush's efforts to significantly reduce the federal government's regulatory influence over a wide range of issues of public concern. "Health rules, environmental regulation, energy initiatives, worker-safety standards and product-safety disclosure policies have been modified in ways that often please business and industry leaders while dismaying interest groups representing consumers, workers, drivers, medical patients, the elderly and many others," the Times said. The Times and Post cited a number of regulatory changes that have upset consumer and environmental activists including: barring the public release of auto safety data; weakening rules protecting coal miners from black-lung disease; rolling back environmental regulations limiting mountaintop blasting by coal mining companies; and dropping proposed rules that would have protected hospital workers from tuberculosis, which unions and public health official
s say is on the rise in 20 states.

In addition, the Post reported that the Administration has used the Data Quality Act, a measure it says was "written by an industry lobbyist and slipped into a giant appropriations bill . . . without congressional discussion or debate, to allow business to challenge government information justifying regulatory action on a variety of consumer and environmental issues. Many observers on both sides of the regulatory debate acknowledge that September 11 and the increased focus on national security has diverted public attention away from many of the regulatory changes that affect people's everyday lives. "Most people are busy just trying to make a living. And with all the focus on Iraq and bin Laden, it gives the administration an opportunity to take a lot of loot out the back door without anybody noticing," said Congressman David Obey (D-WI).

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