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I'm a female 24 year old DC permanent intern. You name it and I've probably interned it. I'm also a graduate student in DC.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Joe Schmo sighting

I was so excited to find that my bartender last night at Adams Mill in AdMo was none other than Joe Schmo 2 star Tim! No one else on my kickball team really seemed to know who he was but I was so gushy when I spoke to him. I loved the show. And he was rude! And he took 20 minutes to get my female friend one pitcher of beer (while we all watched him pour several others)! I guess stardom goes to your head. Or maybe I'm just not 6 feet tall and blonde so he can't be nice to me. Whatever dude. If he was nice to girls in the bar maybe he could get a date. Now I'm not excited to see him next week.


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