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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Dewey Beach Blog

So me and the girls (9 of us total) went to Dewey Beach this weekend. For once, no drama (last year H told R that S and me were talking smack about her and R got upset) and no vomiting (H puked all over the place and blocked access to the toilet all night)!! I was very excited about that. And wings to go at 3 am. First night, went to Eds, then Rusty Rudder. Had jello shots with whipped cream...danced...chatted with cute boys and the girls...don't remember what comes after...oh yeah, wings. Second night, went to crabs, then Rusty Rudder. Had shots in a tube...danced...chatted with the girls and cute boys...after...wings...sleep. Apparently I kicked M in my sleep, sorry M!

M met a boy. He's not from DC, but I hope he calls her! He wanted to talk. No seriously he did. He made up "make out" stories to tell his friends because he wanted to talk and not actually make out with her. How adorable! R and her boy wound up talking quite a bit too.

I got sorta burned the last day. We didn;t do the trampoline thing on the bay which we did last year and was oodles of fun, particularly when people got stuck on the slide or fell of the trampoline. I got really burnt then anyway, so probably good thing I didn't. I need to reapply about 15 times a day. The few places I only reapplied 3 or 4 times got burnt, including my feetsies! Ow!


At July 13, 2004 at 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rusty Rudder or Starboard? I debate which one is better...


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