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Monday, June 07, 2004

Students UNITE!

(AP) - For students with loans to pay off, times have never been better. And they may never be this good again. Rates on federal student loans have fallen to around 3 percent — a 35-year low. Even better, students can lock in those rates, potentially saving thousands of dollars by ensuring their payments won't increase even if interest rates do. But a proposal in Congress could shut down the party. The measure would end the fixed-rate option, making all federal student loans issued after July 2006 subject to variable rates. Repayments would then rise and fall each year in sync with interest rates...

STUDENTS MUST WRITE THEIR REPS! Many of us are going to be seriously affected and harmed by this! I already have 6 digit loans from graduate school alone! Raising my interest rate in repayment is going to make it even HARDER for me to do things that interest me, like public interest advocacy or legislative or government work. I'm going to have to sell my soul to corporate interests to get paid! Did the investment banking, financial services, large law firms, and private hospitals get together to support this bill and screw all of us who want to do nonprofit work, emergency medicine in public hospitals, government work, public defense, etc?


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