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Friday, June 04, 2004

Save these Activities

From the Common Good (not be confused with Common Cause or Uncommon Grounds!) Legal fear is tearing at the fabric of our society, threatening activities and events we used to take for granted. To raise awareness of this threat, Common Good is announcing our Endangered Activities List. As with endangered wildlife, we’ve classified activities as rare, endangered, or extinct.


Admit an error.

Build a treehouse.

Sell Girl Scout Cookies at the local gas station.

Volunteer, or use volunteers to help at your community center.

Stop and assist a person at the scene of an accident.

Exercise professional judgment in “gray” areas.

Serve hot tea at a Chinese restaurant, or any hot beverage at any restaurant.


Play dodgeball (certainly not in gym class).

Play on a seesaw that requires two children to cooperate.

Prescribe aspirin instead of a CAT scan for a headache.

Comfort someone else’s child.

Allow a visiting child to borrow a bicycle.

Lend your car to a person in need.


Give a candid job reference.

Fire a poorly performing teacher or government official.

Use those little silver sugar balls on Christmas cookies in California (unless you smuggle them in from out of state... ).

Sell anything without a warning label: “Warning: Remove Child Before Folding Stroller.”

Keep a public lake open for swimming.


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