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Monday, June 07, 2004


I must be missing something about blogs. All everyone, like http://www.politicalwire.com or www.wonkette.com, does is merely post stuff that REAL journalists wrote and that everyone else can read for free! I find myself doing the same thing - because I see that everyone else does it and can be considered successful and well-read, like political wire or wonkette. What exactly makes blogs like these so great??? If I want to read the Washington Post I'm not an idiot - I know how to type their website. I suppose it organizes the information, but so does yahoo news. I know where to go to get political news, legal news, etc already. If being a well-read blog means merely posting other people's research and writing and what other people have already posted for free, why do the people that read it care? I am personally very bored by blogs that merely quote from the WP, WSJ or merely provide little paraphrases about what its about - I can go to those websites in seconds and read the
titles myself! Those blogs seem so lazy and uncreative!! I'm afraid to start falling into that trap!


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