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I'm a female 24 year old DC permanent intern. You name it and I've probably interned it. I'm also a graduate student in DC.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Intern Mornings

My fellow summer interns keep making me look bad! We don't need to get in to work until 9 am and I decided that I would come in early since I have come in sometimes around 9:10. They were both here when I got here at 8:40!!! It's Monday for heavens sake, no one's that early on Monday! I'm ALWAYS going to look late and lazy next to them! It's SUMMER why don't they get here at 9 or 9:13 like normal people? I'm going to look bad and not get a job because they're showing me up. Even thought I generally get here on time or show up early when I haven't in a while and even though I have nothing to do so far today.


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