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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Daily Dose of Wonkette

Bitter. B-I-T-T-E-R. Bitter. #
As you know, the National Spelling Bee is being held
this week. The Spelling Bee is, of course, where they
send smart, socially-challenged young people to fuck
them up even more. It is also where they send
journalists to die.

A correspondent writes:

Just when you thought there was no glamour in the life
of a political reporter, along comes. . . the National
Spelling Bee. Yes, kids, if you work hard enough on
the campaign trail all year, you, too, could find
yourself spending hours in a dark hotel basement with
no cell phone service, surrounded by borderline
autistic spelling wizards and their obsessive
stage-mom parents. You do get to learn exciting new
words like "ullaged," "excrescency" and "kohlrabi,"
but good luck figuring out what the hell they mean,
especially if your local speller is sufficiently smart
not to need to bother asking the judges for a


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