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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

CNN: Wanted: New friend, must have Bluetooth

Users download the BEDD software into a compatible phone, complete a short profile of themselves and include a description of who they want to befriend, or an item they want to buy or sell.
The software automatically searches for and exchanges profiles with other phones that come within a 20-metre (65 ft) radius. Matched users are given each other's contact details.
BEDD has over 1,000 users in the city state and hosts get-togethers in coffee bars where people let their phones make their introductions. As the number of customers grows, the chances of meeting a compatible person at random in the street or on a bus will grow.
"People spend tons of money at dating and matchmaking agencies or on personal ads -- for a small amount of money, this software could help change their lives," Carlton said.


Does this mean I'll have to make sure I've done my hair and makeup every time before I get on the bus or go out? I mean if I could meet a compatible person every time I leave the house will my cell phone I'll have to make sure I look good every time I go out - so much work! I enjoy having time to prepare before going out and having the opportunity to sit on the bus sometimes without having to look as good as I would look if I were planning on meeting someone.


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