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Friday, May 14, 2004

What DC residents think about interns

The intern plague

I think the same thing. I can distinguish myself because I am a full-year intern and do not descend like a locust. And I try to avoid Georgetown at all costs. I've had way too many drunken hookups in Georgetown. Need a new locale. Also getting a bit too old for the area. Too many underage and college students. I'm beginning to have trouble telling ages when I'm drinking, everyone looks older or younger, can't seem to tell whether they're my age or not.

Note about getting paid to do what they do for free - in my one paid full time position out of college, the unpaid interns got MUCH MUCH better assignments than I did. Because I was paid they didn't care if I was bored and could give me the crap work, while the interns had to be given my interesting assignments to keep them there. When I interned in one of the Congressional offices, the staff assistant was basically the staff's b*tch and opened mail and answered phones all the time while I got to do legislative correspondence, research, attend events, etc. I wouldn't have traded. She also made no money. But unlike other interns, she worked in a coffee shop part time to pay rent.

I've never understood how staffers afford DC. Rent alone, WITH roommates, is at least $600 a month to live in the ghetto. Add utilities, food, suits for work, student loans and you've got nothing at the end of the month, let alone enough for a fun social life. Out of college I was working FT making between 28-29k and had to get a second job just to wind up with no savings at the end of the year for graduate school, as per my plan. Now I'm really broke though. My graduate loans seem to barely cover rent and tuition and my expenses! And I'm supposed to wear suits to work every day - how am I going to pay for that? Whats up with not being able to wear business casual like everyone else in this damn city???

Sigh. I'm going to have massive six figure debt between undergrad and graduate school. I have NO idea how I will pay it off. Maybe I will declare bankruptcy and run off to Costa Rica. I hear they have good surfing.


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