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Monday, May 24, 2004

the "toothing craze"

Those crazy brits! We have 8 minute dating and match.com to simplify and speed up the dating process and they have cell phone flirting while on the metro! Its amazing how technology now gives us instantanous wirelesschatting with strangers on the same metro car....they push it a little further than chatting by then actually having sex in a public toilet (ewww), but still...this could revolutionize dating...rather than posting missed opps on craigslist from the metro you could just send them a text...works better when you have a phone with picture capabilities I'd imagine...who would want to have "tooth" with someone who calls themselves "cuteboi" who turns out to be the 60 year old fat guy behind you? It would sure make the boring metro ride to my internship more exciting. Although most of the blue/orange line passengers aren't that attractive to begin with. Although there are some definite hotties getting off at Farragut West. Wonder if they're better looking on Farragut Nor



At June 7, 2004 at 5:29 PM, Blogger dlcindc said...

Hey DCIntern...Your blogs have pursuaded me to dive into the blogging community...Thanks a bunch...Cheerio!


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