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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Friday Night

So R, M, and I and some of R's friends go to Zaytinya for tapas (yum!) and to Clarendon Ballroom to hang out on the roof bar. R's friends are mad at her or something, they're not being friendly. We don't talk to them for the rest of the night as they dissapear. We meet these guys, who are younger than we are (by like a year) and one of them, A, and I have fun making old age and Ms. Robinson jokes. (We are going to race my walker against his tricycle). P, who's absolutely gorgeous, and R are hitting it off. M isn't apparently interested or getting along with them. We walk away at one point and talk to 4 different groups of guys who approach us, and I try to get her to talk to them, but she's not interested. I think she's depressed about her J, who's an unattractive jerk who strings her along and is no prize but treats her like crap and reinforces all her insecurities. P and A try to convince M and me to stay, by telling us their really good looking friend is coming, but we meet him, and he's okay looking, works for the government, seems nice, but he's too short. I like them 5'10 and taller; I don't think I've ever dated more than one or two guys under 6'1. M doesn't seem interested at all. I flirt with A cause he's energetic and funny. I think we're playing wingman for each other's friends, but he later tells me thats not true and he's really interested in me. He tries to convince me to talk dirty to him and to kiss him, I give him a tiny tiny peck which seems to be enough. He wants to get my number or for me to go home with him but I say no of course. If I was completely single I very likely would have gone out with him on a date or two, but he's certainly not close to being cheat-worthy. But its fun nonetheless to chat with a "younger" man.

P and R have an interesting time. Turns out after all this flirting, P has a girlfriend of 1.5 years! So P tells R that he can't go back to her house, but if she "follows" him home, then well, he can't be responsible for that. So then they start walking and P's girlfriend calls! She asks him whether he's with another woman b/c he must be acting weird on the phone, and he says no! She calls another two times. I don't know how R can even still be in the mood at this point, I think actually hearing her voice would have been a total turnoff. So they fool around and then he convinces himself its okay to go to her place since he's not actually going, just escorting her in a cab. So in the morning he's sober and freaks out and starts saying her name and stuff. And then he makes out with R anyway. She calls me today to tell me the story.

She feels bad, but then again not. She obviously doesn't owe this girl anything, she doesn't know her, but I think that she doesn't want to be thought of as "that girl" that fools around with guys she knows has girlfriends. I feel bad for the girlfriend, I know I wouldn't want someone stealing my man, but we're all adults and we make our own choices and he has no excuse - he was sober! What a jerk! Would a guy like that even be able to be faithful to someone? He wants to call R if he and his girlfriend break up, but how would R be able to trust him? Maybe he'd do the same thing to her.

Tonight J and I are going to dinner and renting a movie. Hopefully I'll be getting some too : )


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