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I'm a female 24 year old DC permanent intern. You name it and I've probably interned it. I'm also a graduate student in DC.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Friday Night Planning

Sweet! My boss is letting the interns leave early today! What should I do with my newfound 3 additional hours of freedom? I think I'll go get my hair cut. There's this place in Georgetown I've been going for years thats really good. That way it will save me time too on straightening and ironing my own hair for tonight. I want to look good for girls night out. There's about 5 of us definites, and 2 maybes. Dinner at Zaytinya to start out the night. Then there's the usual meat market standbys - Lucky Bar, Madhatter, The Guards, Clarendon Ballroom, Clarendon Grill, waterfront....and then there's Adams Morgan. If its gonna rain there's no point in going somewhere just for outdoors (The Reef, Clarendon Ballroom, Tony and Joes, Sequioas). I'm not a huge fan of Lucky or the Hatter but my friends always meet men there. Thats where we'll probably wind up I imagine.


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