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Monday, May 24, 2004

Article Online on Washingtonienne

So it's official. The Washingtonienne has been fired. It's pretty messed up that someone has gotten fired for writing a personal blog at work. I still don't see why everyone is so facinated over some Capital Hill staffer having sex. Come with me to DC and I'll show you plenty.
Of course, no one outside of DC knows or even cares about the Washingtonienne. I mean, she had a steamy blog and all, but it's not like she got it on with some Congressmen or even the President. So what's the big deal? The "mainstream press has'nt picked up on it (mainly cause she didn?t do any congressmen or the President) and other than a few DC area blogs, it hasn?t really caught on.

Well Wonkette has an "exclusive" interview with her. And she has a picture. (Washingtonienne is the dark haired one). And all I gotta say is damn. She's not that hot, but the fact that she's a ho just makes her one of the phattest girls in DC.


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