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I'm a female 24 year old DC permanent intern. You name it and I've probably interned it. I'm also a graduate student in DC.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Late Night Thoughts

He’s never going to understand is he? J and I are the best of friends…but sometimes I wonder if we are missing the passion…I’m in my 20’s…I’m too young to feel so old…but he’s my best friend…we get along so well as friends…I can’t sleep…we were just fighting…I want him to want me…he’s never going to want me the way I need him to want me is he? We have a great friendly relationship…and even amazing sex…I need more….is that so bad? I need passion…I need him to want to hold my hand...and take me in the living room, kitchen…I can’t stand feeling so old and unwanted and comfortable at this age…I don’t have many passionate,meeting-other-men years left…is this what I will feel the rest of my life? I haven’t dated anyone else since I was in college….I’m afraid to get engaged to J…I need something more….do I??

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Friday Night

So R, M, and I and some of R's friends go to Zaytinya for tapas (yum!) and to Clarendon Ballroom to hang out on the roof bar. R's friends are mad at her or something, they're not being friendly. We don't talk to them for the rest of the night as they dissapear. We meet these guys, who are younger than we are (by like a year) and one of them, A, and I have fun making old age and Ms. Robinson jokes. (We are going to race my walker against his tricycle). P, who's absolutely gorgeous, and R are hitting it off. M isn't apparently interested or getting along with them. We walk away at one point and talk to 4 different groups of guys who approach us, and I try to get her to talk to them, but she's not interested. I think she's depressed about her J, who's an unattractive jerk who strings her along and is no prize but treats her like crap and reinforces all her insecurities. P and A try to convince M and me to stay, by telling us their really good looking friend is coming, but we meet him, and he's okay looking, works for the government, seems nice, but he's too short. I like them 5'10 and taller; I don't think I've ever dated more than one or two guys under 6'1. M doesn't seem interested at all. I flirt with A cause he's energetic and funny. I think we're playing wingman for each other's friends, but he later tells me thats not true and he's really interested in me. He tries to convince me to talk dirty to him and to kiss him, I give him a tiny tiny peck which seems to be enough. He wants to get my number or for me to go home with him but I say no of course. If I was completely single I very likely would have gone out with him on a date or two, but he's certainly not close to being cheat-worthy. But its fun nonetheless to chat with a "younger" man.

P and R have an interesting time. Turns out after all this flirting, P has a girlfriend of 1.5 years! So P tells R that he can't go back to her house, but if she "follows" him home, then well, he can't be responsible for that. So then they start walking and P's girlfriend calls! She asks him whether he's with another woman b/c he must be acting weird on the phone, and he says no! She calls another two times. I don't know how R can even still be in the mood at this point, I think actually hearing her voice would have been a total turnoff. So they fool around and then he convinces himself its okay to go to her place since he's not actually going, just escorting her in a cab. So in the morning he's sober and freaks out and starts saying her name and stuff. And then he makes out with R anyway. She calls me today to tell me the story.

She feels bad, but then again not. She obviously doesn't owe this girl anything, she doesn't know her, but I think that she doesn't want to be thought of as "that girl" that fools around with guys she knows has girlfriends. I feel bad for the girlfriend, I know I wouldn't want someone stealing my man, but we're all adults and we make our own choices and he has no excuse - he was sober! What a jerk! Would a guy like that even be able to be faithful to someone? He wants to call R if he and his girlfriend break up, but how would R be able to trust him? Maybe he'd do the same thing to her.

Tonight J and I are going to dinner and renting a movie. Hopefully I'll be getting some too : )

Friday, May 28, 2004

Blogging is Like...

for some the blogging never stops: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/27/technology/circuits/27blog.html

It agree with some of the interviewees that it is addicting...I am assuming for now, it is the novelty of the thing that makes me want to write in it...sort of like a threesome...seems like fun and novel at first, but much more time consuming than a regular twosome after a while because you have to worry about the happiness of an additional person...it becomes almost burdensome....the added pressure and stress...the awkward moments...for now though I am enjoying spending some time with my new blog....it is not yet a demanding mistress...

Friday Night Planning

Sweet! My boss is letting the interns leave early today! What should I do with my newfound 3 additional hours of freedom? I think I'll go get my hair cut. There's this place in Georgetown I've been going for years thats really good. That way it will save me time too on straightening and ironing my own hair for tonight. I want to look good for girls night out. There's about 5 of us definites, and 2 maybes. Dinner at Zaytinya to start out the night. Then there's the usual meat market standbys - Lucky Bar, Madhatter, The Guards, Clarendon Ballroom, Clarendon Grill, waterfront....and then there's Adams Morgan. If its gonna rain there's no point in going somewhere just for outdoors (The Reef, Clarendon Ballroom, Tony and Joes, Sequioas). I'm not a huge fan of Lucky or the Hatter but my friends always meet men there. Thats where we'll probably wind up I imagine.

Fox Cancels Gay-Themed Reality Show Amid Criticism

How ridiculously stereotypical could a show be? I mean really, making straight people pretend to be gay for prizes on national TV is so insulting to gay people. And I had thought "Monkey on My Back" (contestants travel across country and compete with monkeys on their backs) and "My Big Black Booty" (pageant of women with...you get the idea) were bad ideas!


WP: Consumer Spending, Income Rise in April


Not if you're an intern!!!

whats up with missed connections?

seriously guy, whats up with looking for the girl next to you with hairy legs?


I've never noticed this before. Then again I was late to the whole craiglist thing. The internet has made all sorts of crazy things possible.

ode to hated cicadas

Open letter to the cicadas: "To the little fucker who
dive bombed me on my way to lunch. You retarded,
blind, little shit. You flew into the back of my ear
while I was crossing the street! People laughed and
pointed while I had, what looked like, an epileptic
seizure. Bitch."

poverty rally

This is a message I recieved about a September 4th Poverty Rally. Its for a good cause so I'll post it.


Where will you be September 4, 2004?

I am inviting you to take part in the largest gathering of anti-poverty
activists in this nation in 40 years -- the "No Room for Poverty"
National Rally on the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. (right next to the
Washington Monument, off the National Mall).

Americans of all races, religions, and income levels, will join together
there from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to call national attention to the ongoing
problem of poverty in this nation and to the solutions that we have
developed to confronting and ending this economic scourge. The purpose
of the rally is to call for a White House conference on American

Who are we? We are the Community Action Partnership, the nation's
largest anti-poverty organization and we are hosting this non-partisan
event to shine a light on the ongoing problems of poverty in this nation
and to seek a commitment from all presidential candidates to convene a
special White House conference to address the issue of poverty in

What we intend to do is nothing less than unite the nation around the
common cause of ending poverty. We are working with the approximately
1,000 local Community Action Agencies across the country that fight
poverty on a daily basis. Additionally, to date, we have enlisted 37
national partners who support our efforts.

Please visit our website, www.povertyrally.org for more details about
this critical endeavor. We hope to see you in Washington on September 4
as we tell the nation there's "no room for poverty" in America.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

My friends say I am overqualified after reading the last post and thats why I didn't get staff assistant jobs on the Hill. Thanks for the reinforcement, guys.


apparently the scandalous senate staffer lied about her age...shes 26 not 24...and she didn't graduate from college at all! How is that I applied to a bunch of Hill jobs, with a great GPA from a great school and prior work/internship experience, and couldn't get a job on the Hill out of college while these people without college educations or from second tier schools do? Maybe I should start making shit up on my resume too...everyone else seems to do it...


Cutler and Quid Pro Quo

I have to say that I feel many blog posts I've read about Jessica Cutler paint her as a picture of immorality. Although a quid pro quo exchange of money for sex is generally called prostitution, dating men with money to supplement crappy congressional, nonprofit, government, or intern salary is NOTHING NEW. I think its the actual exchange of cash that brings out the ew factor. Otherwise, there is nothing unusual about young, attractive, intelligent, educated women with low salaries dating men in DC with money and/or power who buy them dinner or clothes or jewelry or vacations. The exchange of jewelery or purchase of dinner in exchange for sex is generally called dating.

disabled girl forced to stay home

Student Whose Hair Set Afire Told To Stay Home: Alleged Attacker Remains In School

Does this violate the disabilities act? How unfair to force the disabled girl to have to stay home when she's the victim of a terrible disabled-bias crime!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I have such a boring life compared to that senate staffer sex scandal chick. I was reading her infamous weblog and realized how much I miss having a life and stories to tell. My blog is going to be like, so today I went to work. I had dinner. Got a kiss goodnight, no tongue. Went to sleep. Had sex once this week. Read a lot. Went to work for 9 hours. I'm such a bore. I feel so old.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Drinks or Date?

This guy R from kickball asked me to meet up for a drink. Is that a date? Is it wrong to go on a date? Is it possible we can just go as friends? Can women be friends with guys they've just met? Why is it that I can't just go have a drink with a guy and it has to turn into a date? Can you go on a "date" when you have a boyfriend if you don't hook up? I mean its not really cheating if nothing happens. What if I wake up one day and I'm 30 and I realize I never dated during my twenties because I dated the same guy the whole time??

Who Will Be "The Partner"?

The Partner - the Apprentice for law students

I think I would do much better on a show like the partner than in real interviews...I'm just that sort of person that would come off smart, sassy, and fun on TV and dull or ditzy during real interviews....I never have anything to say during those things....they're so formal and I never say anything intelligent....I'd much rather try to get a job through TV...even if you wind up being a b*tch like Omarosa, you still wind up getting your 15 minutes of fame...and job offers...that pay

Are there any plans to make one for a job at the White House? I would totally compete for that.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Article Online on Washingtonienne

So it's official. The Washingtonienne has been fired. It's pretty messed up that someone has gotten fired for writing a personal blog at work. I still don't see why everyone is so facinated over some Capital Hill staffer having sex. Come with me to DC and I'll show you plenty.
Of course, no one outside of DC knows or even cares about the Washingtonienne. I mean, she had a steamy blog and all, but it's not like she got it on with some Congressmen or even the President. So what's the big deal? The "mainstream press has'nt picked up on it (mainly cause she didn?t do any congressmen or the President) and other than a few DC area blogs, it hasn?t really caught on.

Well Wonkette has an "exclusive" interview with her. And she has a picture. (Washingtonienne is the dark haired one). And all I gotta say is damn. She's not that hot, but the fact that she's a ho just makes her one of the phattest girls in DC.

Simpsons and Media Ownership

I was watching the Simpsons on Sunday, the one where Burns buys all the media in Springfield, and it got me thinking about media ownership issues. It was a rather well done social commentary on the negative implications of allowing large scale media consolidation. The theory goes that more consolidation leads to more shows catering to the more baser instincts (more sex, violence, stupidity)/more profitable viewer population (18-34 yr old males), more censorship of issues that make the bosses or their favored political candidates look bad, and less local programming and local pre-emption in accordance with community preferences. As an example of this, on the Simpsons, after Burns buys the TV station, the news becomes very Burns-friendly and one of the editorializers is a woman with large breasts who says "boobs" over and over. The answer in the Simpsons is more smaller local newsletters. While this really isn't feasible, it is analgous to the internet and people having blogs and independent websites. However, the argument that the internet is an equal substitute for gathering information is false. Many more people obtain their information from broadcast news or papers than from the internet. The vast majority that use the internet for news, look up the news websites, like washingtonpost.com.

the "toothing craze"

Those crazy brits! We have 8 minute dating and match.com to simplify and speed up the dating process and they have cell phone flirting while on the metro! Its amazing how technology now gives us instantanous wirelesschatting with strangers on the same metro car....they push it a little further than chatting by then actually having sex in a public toilet (ewww), but still...this could revolutionize dating...rather than posting missed opps on craigslist from the metro you could just send them a text...works better when you have a phone with picture capabilities I'd imagine...who would want to have "tooth" with someone who calls themselves "cuteboi" who turns out to be the 60 year old fat guy behind you? It would sure make the boring metro ride to my internship more exciting. Although most of the blue/orange line passengers aren't that attractive to begin with. Although there are some definite hotties getting off at Farragut West. Wonder if they're better looking on Farragut Nor


Friday, May 14, 2004

What DC residents think about interns

The intern plague

I think the same thing. I can distinguish myself because I am a full-year intern and do not descend like a locust. And I try to avoid Georgetown at all costs. I've had way too many drunken hookups in Georgetown. Need a new locale. Also getting a bit too old for the area. Too many underage and college students. I'm beginning to have trouble telling ages when I'm drinking, everyone looks older or younger, can't seem to tell whether they're my age or not.

Note about getting paid to do what they do for free - in my one paid full time position out of college, the unpaid interns got MUCH MUCH better assignments than I did. Because I was paid they didn't care if I was bored and could give me the crap work, while the interns had to be given my interesting assignments to keep them there. When I interned in one of the Congressional offices, the staff assistant was basically the staff's b*tch and opened mail and answered phones all the time while I got to do legislative correspondence, research, attend events, etc. I wouldn't have traded. She also made no money. But unlike other interns, she worked in a coffee shop part time to pay rent.

I've never understood how staffers afford DC. Rent alone, WITH roommates, is at least $600 a month to live in the ghetto. Add utilities, food, suits for work, student loans and you've got nothing at the end of the month, let alone enough for a fun social life. Out of college I was working FT making between 28-29k and had to get a second job just to wind up with no savings at the end of the year for graduate school, as per my plan. Now I'm really broke though. My graduate loans seem to barely cover rent and tuition and my expenses! And I'm supposed to wear suits to work every day - how am I going to pay for that? Whats up with not being able to wear business casual like everyone else in this damn city???

Sigh. I'm going to have massive six figure debt between undergrad and graduate school. I have NO idea how I will pay it off. Maybe I will declare bankruptcy and run off to Costa Rica. I hear they have good surfing.