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I'm a female 24 year old DC permanent intern. You name it and I've probably interned it. I'm also a graduate student in DC.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Starting Over

I used to have a live journal blog but hadn't checked that in forever and it dissapeared. So starting over here.

So I started this new weblog for absolutely no reason. No one's going to read this. But I'm bored and if everyone else can be so narcissistic as to put their banal thoughts online for everyone to see than so can I!

Hmm, about me, in case there are strangers reading. I'm female, 24, and live in DC. I'm currently in graduate school and working as a summer intern in DC. Will try as hard as possible not to hint where I'm interning because that would destroy the fun (anonymity) of this blog. They say there's like 10,000 interns here in the summer and there's thousands of students here all year round so I guess that makes me somewhat hard to find. I've been interning in politics and political related areas since I was 18 and have done so all throughout college in DC. I've had at least 15 internships so far, including interning for a couple of Members of Congress, a national party, high level campaigns, lawyers, public interest groups, etc. I wonder what the internship record is?? Can I beat it? Do I already have it? I think I may have the record for working the hardest and making the least money - only about 5 of those internships even paid. Nothing like putting in 40+ hours a week for nothing.


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